How to Automate Any Website with Use of ChatGPT Plugin (Bardeen Plugin 7 steps Full Guide)

ChatGPT plugins are tools that extend the functionality of ChatGPT, the large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI. Plugins can be used to add new features, improve performance, or provide access to third-party services. By using this u can automate any website  Here we provide completed Guide of using this plugin.

ChatGPT plugin that brings automation to websites and enables web scraping in just seconds. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks as this powerful tool streamlines your workflow. With its ability to automate and scrape information, it’s a game-changer for productivity and efficiency. Embrace the future of automation with ChatGPT.


First, let’s enable Plugin Feature within ChatGPT.

Here’s how to do it:
– Click the 3 dots (bottom-left side)
– Click on settings
– Click Beta Features and Enable Plugins.


2. Step

Go to Plugin Store and install Bardeen Plugin

Bardeen Plugin helps you automate your manual and scrap repetitive tasks using AI.

(this is not sponsored)


3. Step

. You can Scrape hundreds of tweets, with engagement metrics.

• Prompt: “Get tweets for a keyword and save them to Google Sheets”
• Enter the keyword you want to research
• Done

This is perfect for research.

4. Step

Scrap currently opened jobs from job posting sites

• Prompt: “Get job post details from the currently opened Indeed job post page”
• Paste the website’s link and done

5. Step

You can send bulk automated emails.

Prompt: “Send an automated email to <copy paste users emails> by saying <message> using my gmail”

This will 10x your outreach result instantly.

6. Step

Extract hundreds of LinkedIn users who commented on a specific post.

• Prompt: “Copy LinkedIn Post commenters to Google Sheets”
• Paste the post’s link and done

You can also do this with Youtube.

7. Step

if you have to automation your Gmail then you need to do this prompt have also created a Gmail automation.

Prompt: “Create an automation send an email by an individual and not companies to Google Sheets, when a new email is received




By using this Plugins u can save your time and increase your efficiency.

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